You are a BossGirl., the blog is an honest and sincere attempt to bring to the fore, women from our day to day life who are empowered and empowering others around them. You know them, you are surrounded by them, some of you may be even brought up by them and you know what?! In all likelihood, It is You!


The women I tell stories of are Mompreneurs, some just BossWomen, some more who just did what they had to do in the circumstances and situations that they were in and made the absolute best of it. They have not had the time to sit and judge. I know them. A lot of them, now albeit over the internet, yet feels I know them personally and very well. They are women on a mission. To rise up and raise others along the way. They only have words of encouragement, positivity to share. They are role models of a different kind. Not necessarily flashy and hogging the front pages of celebrityhood…some even may and yet, very quietly so. These are women I interact with on a daily basis. They are small business owners, teachers, life coaches, yoga gurus, authors and scientists. They are bringing up boys and girls with no biases, tearing down stereotypes and raising citizens of the future with no walls of definitions and checkboxes.

These are women with gumption and are ‘Believers’. Liberated souls…that’s what these women are and while all of them may not be holding corner offices in some flashy downtown of a big city…they are still the ULTIMATE BOSSGIRLS.


My first group of women of excellence that I met in life were in my college days at SNDT university, which was an all-girls college. I met some amazing girls who today have turned out to be some of the most fabulous women in society. They are Interior Designers, Media Analysts, Researchers, Nutritionists, Animation Experts, Bankers, Photographers and Teachers even. After that, I met some of really sassy girls who were my Clients in my Public Relation days and now my biggest pool of amazing women (it sometimes feels like I have struck a pot of gold where it’s just filled with fabulous women) and that’s through two Facebook groups; one is called Desi Quilters (a global group of women who share their common love for quilting, sewing, tutorials and bag making). The second group is called Bagstock Designs (which is again a Facebook group started by a Bag Designer in India and today has a mammoth global following).

What makes these groups amazing is the nurturing and positivity that goes on in the conversations. Lifelong relations and friendships have formed, without ever meeting each other in person. These thousands of women all over the world, do not compete…rather they encourage. They are peers in the journey of learning and growth. They discuss business goals, plans, arts and crafts, new techniques, may be a bit of life lessons…but never for once domineering or bringing each other down. These are the kind of women I want to highlight, celebrate and write about. Talk about their journeys, their hardships and their successes. Sometimes it is not even important if they have become big businesswomen. What is important is the faith and the getting up and dusting each other up and moving ahead.


The internet can be quite a negative sink hole. But I wanted my blog to be a platform of stories day to day, that inspire you. An incident or an anecdote, a story or an experience. Every bit matters. Celebrating every woman is crucial to me. Telling their story, sharing it with the world and encouraging more women to join in this global march of positivity and upliftment, encouragement and empowerment is the goal of this site and this article.

Share and spread this link of positivity with the women of your life and share their stories with me. Tell me more. Let us celebrate being ourselves. And most of all, feeling mighty proud of the journey we are all in. Keeping this very well entrenched in our minds that You have done exceptionally well given the situation you are in. Kudos!!!


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