Kavita Sharma Gandhi | Only Two Feet

This is not a story about the shoe elves ... this is the story of a flamboyant, talented and a very passionate designer of shoes who pursued her dreams to establish one of the brightest labels in bespoke, handcrafted and designer footwear.

Shruti Sharma Nayak aka Randomrains

  A Marathoner. An Art Director. A Mother. An Army Wife. Shruti Sharma - A story of Grit, Determination, Persistence. The girl with the brightest eyes and the warmest smiles, is a girl who confronts life and takes it into her confidence. Will cower the trials down to win them over with her determination where... Continue Reading →

Harshikaa Udasi – Children’s Author

This girl 🙂 What can I say?! Just fabulous. Harshikaa is breaking the mould of perceptions. I could not think of another person to profile on this International Women's Day. The hero in her book, released on July 2017 is a differently-abled child and has a spirit of a kite that just s---ooo---aaa---rrr----sss 🙂 With... Continue Reading →

Sherline Pimenta – Kathanika

Sherline Pimenta - Kathanika "That's what we storytellers do. We restore order with imagination. We instill hope again and again and again." Said Walt Disney. And my newest Boss Girl does just that. She instills hope by her lifestyle with conservation. She nurtures imagination through her work, which is something as simple and complex as... Continue Reading →

Manjari Sharma – Photographer

Manjari Sharma - Photographer I have known her since we were 16 ... and it took me five more years after that to get a glimpse of her artistic sensibilities, her leadership, her negotiation skills and her vision and after what was just a simple inter-collegiate festival that she visualised, planned, led and hosted... we... Continue Reading →

Namrata Shroff – Bag Designer

Namrata Shroff - Bag Designer and Creator | Owner of Bagstock Designs Bluebell / Jasmine / Ruby / Rose / Plumeria ... you wonder what these are?! Well, scratch your head no more. These are names of Designer Purses designed and created by the very charming Namrata Shroff. The owner of Bagstock Designs, a name... Continue Reading →

Starting a thread

Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook asks some pertinent questions in her book 'Lean In'. Early on in the book, one of the questions she asks is, "How are we going to take down the barriers that prevent more women from getting to the top?" If you read the book the answers are all there... Continue Reading →

Rinkoo Gupta – Interior Designer

Rinkoo Gupta - Interior Designer | Survivor | Buddhist She is my Laughing Buddha. She is my survivor out of the woods. Utopian and courageous, she believes in making things happen and not waiting for things to happen. I have known her for two decades and more and she is right there ... not just... Continue Reading →

Deepshikha Gupta – Ex-Army Officer

From serving as a Major in the Indian Army, also the first lady to be commissioned to the unit serving at Kargil, and then to take a plunge head down to the field of artisans, weavers and handicrafts in the country with the sole intention of serving the nation albeit in a non-army way, Deepshikha Gupta is the light that leads, quietly, subtly and yet assertively. We need more like her.

Like a Boss

My Boss Girls are not necessarily all with tragic stories. Some are. But not all. Also, all of these who have had very difficult moments in their lives are the ones who have risen out of those and shone. Shone so bright that it's almost blinding. And that's what Boss Girls are all about. Ladies... Continue Reading →

Raksha Nagaraj – Solo Traveller

Trust me, personal battles – the one between the heart and the mind are the most difficult. Raksha Nagaraj is one such girl. Her story reads easy. You think, “Eh, no big deal.” But a big deal it is. Her profile on Instagram reads like this: Indian Traveller | 26 Countries and 6 Continents | Solo Traveller | Rumi | Photographer. Has 3055 followers from all over the world and counting. 

Kiran Manral – Author

My Boss Girl today is no ordinary girl. She is in fact, nothing less than a magician with words. If “What to expect when you are expecting” is the bible for your ten months of pregnancy, then Kiran Manral’s Karmic Kids is a definitive guide to the time therafter. What Kirsten Bell says or does in ‘Momsplaining’ today, Kiran said it on her blog ‘Karmic Kids’ . Considered among the most popular blogs in India in it’s time, Karmic Kids was a lowdown of what to expect as a parent and trust me, no one said it better than Manral 🙂

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