Like a Boss


My Boss Girls are not necessarily all with tragic stories. Some are. But not all. Also, all of these who have had very difficult moments in their lives are the ones who have risen out of those and shone. Shone so bright that it’s almost blinding. And that’s what Boss Girls are all about. Ladies with their Chins Up to life, Sometimes the fingers too 😉 , the heads held high, shoulders upright and and spirits strong. These women are passionate … about all that they do. They are like Phoenix…almost all of them. And that’s what makes them so inspiring. These are Self-Made Women. Alpha Females.


As I am writing about these Boss Girls, I am learning each day from them. I re-read these interviews, because god, they are so bold and honest. Inspires me to move ahead everyday. Do these stories do that to you? If it does, then the objective of this site is quite met.

So, waiting for another BossGirl today?!

Oh, you are gonna love her. She comes from the Hills and has made the Sea her home. She is a Livewire and so warm. Wait till you meet her 🙂

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